Company Profile

Key Benefits

  • Sole or Partial source
  • Single purchase order
  • Optional, Flexible & Selectable solutions

AANEEN “a minority supplier” we have developed a network of effective business partnerships with several OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), owners, factories and/or their agents, along with hundreds of suppliers. This collection we classify as our “solutions teams”. This enables AANEEN to be; manufacturer, owner, or agent direct on most equipment, products, parts and facilities, irrespective of vintage, manufacturer or condition.

This solutions team enables AANEEN access and the ability to provide various manufactures, vintages and conditions that fit your equipment need. Be it new factory order, standing new , new surplus, reconditioned, remanufactured and serviceable. We take a progressive and proactive approach in supporting business partners, new and existing customers and their infrastructure. We are constantly exploring new methods, possibilities and opportunities that enable us to deliver innovative service and supply, in some instances through local agency.