Emergency Solutions

In some instances companies are seeking a total solution while others are only seeking partial and spot assistance to shore up where they need help. Recognizing this AANEEN has established groups of companies that stand in the ready to be of assistance, irrespective of the need presented. At the same time we encourage working with local or preferred companies as identified by the end customer wherever possible to ensure local content. This technique enables AANEEN to offer and deliver opportunities globally to industrial and utility clients.

Key Benefits

  • Decreases down time
  • Decreases capital and operational cost expenditures
  • Effective when existing procurement or supply chains fail to deliver


  • Standard or Emergency Location and Supply
  • Stealth Purchasing of equipment or products Supply of Complete or Partial apparatus or services for Power Systems as it pertains to (Facilities, Equipment, Products, Parts, and Services) for Generation
  • Electrical Generation
  • Substation
  • Transmission / Distribution, Process


As standard or emergency needs are presented or requested through tender or the bid process. AANEEN has developed and uses a service called stealth location to decrease capital /operational costs. This service is valuable when the customer has lost production, supply chain break down, budget constraints or wishes to keep their capital cost down.

When down time or lead time on an order needs to be minimal. This service leaves a minimal footprint and does not disrupt the market by over excitation which can increase the costs dramatically. This is ideal for engineered emergencies, unexpected equipment failure, missed orders on a project or when the customer’s normal supply chain simply breaks down.

Our process enables customers to initiate a planned process to supply desired equipment in a timely fashion by stealthily entering the market, without exciting it through multiple requests. Once engaged for stealth location we provide solutions for the customers’ review and in most cases coming to them with a solution, at cost and negotiating a commission for our efforts